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Los Angeles City Councilperson

Nithya Raman's office.

TO:  councilmember.raman@lacity.org

CC:  kimberly.henry@lacity.org

(And BCC saveopenspace@slaros.org) 

Dear Councilmember Raman,  
I am writing to oppose Harvard Westlake's proposed development of a sports complex at Weddington Golf and Tennis. Over 100,000 Angelenos enjoy this beloved facility year-round.

This huge project will degrade the integrity and the open space character of Studio City.  It will also be detrimental to the quality of life, property values, and limit access to recreational open space.

Harvard-Westlake studies included in the DEIR, do not adequately address the most serious environmental impacts on the surrounding neighborhood, such as traffic and noise during special events and on the entire community of Los Angeles, on the detrimental effect to the adjacent Los Angeles River by polluting the L A River with “Persistent Accumulative Mobile Hazardous Toxic Chemicals” (PFAS) by installing approximately 4 acres of plastic-turf carpeting this sports complex.

The mandatory "alternative plans" suggested in the DEIR are disingenuous and lacking in a realistic effort to offer alternate sites or plans or consider other proposal for the site such as the Natural Park reviewed and approved to recapture and clean 200 acres of dry runoff before discharge into the LA River.

The property is zoned agricultural-open space and requires "special entitlements". Harvard-Westlake must apply for a "Conditional Use Permit". As the only councilmember who has a master's degree in urban planning, it is arguable that you know more about this subject than any other councilmember. Please use your unique skills to speak for and withhold approval to build this project.


Our committee is always seeking to grow, wanting new input, new ideas, and more peoplepower. We hold meetings 6-10 times per year, then organize into committees for specific activities, rallies, meetings, and fundraising events.

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