Site Update 09/20/2021


On September 14, 2021: The City of L.A.'s "Planning and Land Use Management" committee (PLUM), unanimously decided to approve the Historical Commission's designation to make Studio City Weddington Golf & Tennis a Historical Cultural Monument.  It will be officially called "Studio City Golf and Tennis Club"

We're not "out of the woods" yet.  Rather than protecting the historical property as a whole, there is an attempt by Harvard Westlake to reduce the full historical significance to only three key features (club house, putting green, and the iconic golf ball light standards.)

Please stay tuned.  The LA City Council will be making the final decision to accept the HCM designation.


If you haven't already,  please continue to contact your city councilperson to support this effort. Grassroots efforts like ours can only be successful when our voices are heard.  Follow this link to sign up!


Alan Dymond, President

Save LA River Open Space


P.S. Be A Hero! – Help in keeping this Open Space OPEN TO ALL!! 

We surpassed our $5,000 matching funds campaign in July!  Although we are all volunteers, we still need your monetary support to be able to hire ecologists, hydrologists, attorneys,  and advertising costs.  Please donate if you can (We are a 501c3 non-profit)!


Remember, It is not a done deal! 

Weddington is slated to be a Historical Landmark.

Contact your Councilperson to give your support.

You can still help in keeping

community public access to

Weddington Golf & Tennis features:

9 hole public golf course- Bull-dozed

Driving Range - Gone

16 Community Tennis Courts -limited to 8 courts

200+ Mature Growth Trees - Cut down

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Weddington Golf and Tennis is a part of the fabric of our community.  For over 50 years, this land has provided vital open space and recreational opportunities to thousands of residents, school children and sports enthusiasts from across the region each year. 


It must be protected.  Save LA River Open Space (SLAROS) was established in 2004 with the explicit mission to preserve the Weddington property as open space with permanent public access, and to protect it from unwanted development.. Our work continues.  


In 2017, Weddington was purchased by Harvard-Westlake with plans to repurpose the property into a sports complex to serve the school's athletic objectives.  The school’s proposed “Harvard-Westlake River Park Plan” would eliminate golf, cut the number of tennis courts in half (from 16 to 8), and potentially unleash numerous impacts to the environment, to the surrounding neighborhoods and the broader Studio City community.  Furthermore, the plan as proposed would strictly limit access to the site, thus depleting an important source of recreational green space available to the public. 


We invite you to join us as we continue the fight to preserve the legacy of Weddington as open space that is open to the public. 

Studio City Residents Association
Part of a Grass Roots Coalition:
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Harvard-Westlake announced on October 30, 2017 they had agreed to buy the 16-acre Weddington Golf and Tennis property adjacent to the Los Angeles River. Escrow closed in December 2017. The only information available to date is that they intend to build the Harvard-Westlake Community Athletics Center on the site. The extent and usage of the Athletics Center by Harvard-Westlake, as well as any impacts to the open space and public access to the site, remain unknown.



The development of Harvard-Westlake’s Community Athletics Center on the site will require a Conditional Use Permit from the city.

We are a long way from the first city formal hearings on this matter and we will keep everyone informed.

Serious impacts from this proposed development include:

  • Increased traffic and congestion on already crowded streets

  • Loss of 8 tennis courts, golf course, & driving range

  • Loss of best possible site for regional public access to L.A. River and river trails

  • Loss of important water quality improvement site to address polluted runoff

  • Obscured views and airflow

  • Increased urban heating

  • Main site access would share access with Fire Station


The property is currently zoned Agricultural. Development of this property would require a Conditional Use Permit which would also require L.A. City Council approval. More information will be posted as it is made available.

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