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Questions SCRA/SLAROS has sent to Harvard-Westlake.

Answers have not yet been provided...

  • What athletic programs are planned for the site? How will lighting, noise, traffic and other impacts be mitigated to retain the tranquility of the property and immediate neighborhood?

  • How does Harvard-Westlake intend to incorporate water reclamation elements into the plan?

  • What is the purpose for the below-grade garage? How many parking spaces are proposed?

  • If it is not feasible to build a parking structure below grade, what alternate plans does Harvard-Westlake have to accommodate parking requirements?

  • What are Harvard-Westlake intentions for Valleyheart Drive?

  • What access will the community have to the courts, as well as to the golfing facilities? How will public access to recreational facilities by the public be assured?

  • Does Harvard-Westlake plan to build a gym and other structures on the site?

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