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         FEBRUARY 24TH, 2020

Council Member Krekorian is to be commended for his continued commitment to keep the Weddington Golf and Tennis property as a community asset for Studio City. His letter to Harvard Westlake of January 23, 2020 requires that Harvard-Westlake Minimize Neighborhood Impacts, Increase Public Benefits, Protect the Environment. (Eighteen requests in total).   (Click here to read letter). 


Councilmember Krekorian’s letter is the beginning of the process.  Clearly there is much more work to be done in order to build a consensus within the community.


The letter states that the school will commit to implementing water reclamation and storm water capture elements to capture, treat, and utilize all storm water on the property and collect runoff from 40 acres to the north of the site; thus meeting the intent of the Los Angeles River Natural Park project that was proposed by SCRA and SLAROS


One of the critical elements in the letter clearly states that “The School must prepare a full Environmental Impact Report” (EIR) that requires an expanded public comment period for the community to analyze and mitigate the full environmental impact of the Harvard Westlake Project.  Councilmember goes further to state that all of the requirements outlined in the January 23rd letter be met by Harvard Westlake when it files its project with the City Planning Department. 


SCRA and SLAROS look forward to reviewing Harvard Westlake’s plans when filed. At that time the Community can review and file responses to the EIR.


Studio City tennis courts on the chopping block!

Harvard-Westlake is planning to demolish HALF the tennis courts at Weddington.  Tennis facilities are already in short supply.  We need your help to preserve these precious courts.  Sign up to our mailing list and get ready for a call to action!


Current number of courts at Weddington: 16.  Number of courts in Harvard-Westlake's proposed plans: 8

But remember -- this is not a done deal.  Harvard-Westlake must go through a public approval process, and the community has a say.  Join us today and help keep Studio City tennis alive and thriving!   Click here to sign onto our email list for updates.


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