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         DECEMBER 2ND, 2019

SCRA and SLAROS remain optimistic that the potential Weddington Golf & Tennis development plan shall be able to both serve Harvard-Westlake School’s needs and concurrently benefit and enhance the Studio City community. Further, we commend Harvard-Westlake’s commitment to prepare a full and robust Environmental Impact Report (EIR) in order to conduct the most rigorous environmental review possible.


However, we continue to have concerns about the “plans” Harvard-Westlake has currently proposed. While some concepts appear palatable if properly executed, significantly more information is required in order for SCRA, SLAROS or any other party to intelligently analyze the development.


We are wary of the proposed plan’s inadequate commitment to preserve enough public open space, its inability to eliminate any environmental or how-we-experience-day-to-day-life impacts during both construction and operation, and rumors we have heard that Harvard-Westlake intends to divide our community by making the on-site facilities open to some but not all. 


Simply put: any plan that creates environmental or experiential impacts, that robs our community of precious open space or that attempts to divide us for political and financial gain will be unacceptable to SCRA, SLAROS and Studio City. 


Harvard-Westlake’s development proposal is reportedly under revision to incorporate feedback received at their recent public presentations.  We eagerly anticipate this revised plan, the formal submittal of an application to the City, the initiation of the EIR process and a continuing dialogue with Councilmember Paul Krekorian and Harvard-Westlake.


To all Studio City stakeholders:  we invite and appreciate your continued support and involvement in preserving the vitality and character of this treasured community resource today, tomorrow and long into the future.

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