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Weddington is SOLD, but it's not a DONE deal!

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

Details of Harvard-Westlake School’s development plan for the Weddington site have been revealed on Harvard-Westlake’s website. At Harvard-Westlake exclusive presentations of the plan to the neighborhood closest to the site, many attendees reportedly came away with an impression this plan was a “done deal.”  Not so!

The Studio City Residents Association (SCRA) and Save LA River Open Space (SLAROS) exist to protect this last remaining 16 acres of unprotected open space along the Los Angeles River in the San Fernando Valley. They categorically state this is not a “done deal.”

Less than two years ago, Harvard-Westlake School purchased the property in Studio City on which the Weddington Golf & Tennis operates. Formerly operated as the “Studio City Golf & Tennis Club” for 50 years until June of 2007, this business was turned over to be owned and operated by the Weddington Family, who promised that the facility would continue to operate as a golf and tennis center open to the public. In retrospect, their promise proved short-lived.

In 2017, the head of school, President Rick Commons,  promised the 16-acre property would be developed in line with “neighborhood goals” for the site, so that “Everybody benefits.”  Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Krekorian promised to “advocate for Weddington to remain an environmental, aesthetic, and recreational asset to the community.” Councilmember Krekorian  further committed, “I will always insist that the community is engaged and protected from adverse impacts that may result from Harvard-Westlake’s plans to the greatest degree possible.”

Harvard-Westlake has resisted, despite many requests, to hold a public meeting to reveal their site plan. Therefore, SCRA and SLAROS have organized an October 1st Special Community meeting. All Studio City residents (owners and renters!) are invited to comment on, support, or oppose the development plans of Harvard-Westlake.

Councilmember Krekorian has the authority and has committed to ensuring that  Studio City is protected from the adverse impacts of Harvard-Westlake’s proposal. The Studio City community, through SCRA and SLAROS, resolve to be heard. As long as adverse impacts remain, this deal is not done.

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