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Statement on The Existing

 Harvard-Westlake Development Plan

For Weddington Golf & Tennis


Council Member Krekorian is to be commended for his continued commitment to keep the Weddington Golf and Tennis property as a community asset for Studio City. His letter to Harvard Westlake of January 23, 2020 requires that Harvard-Westlake Minimize Neighborhood Impacts, Increase Public Benefits, Protect the Environment. (Eighteen requests in total).   (Click here to read letter). 


Councilmember Krekorian’s letter is the beginning of the process.  Clearly there is much more work to be done in order to build a consensus within the community.

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Report on Weddington Golf and Tennis meeting

Harvard-Westlake Draft Proposal


On October 1st, 2019, SCRA and SLAROS organized a special community meeting to have Harvard-Westlake present their draft plan for their athletic facilities on the Weddington Golf and Tennis site.


Harvard Westlake flooded the audience with alumni and parents but at the conclusion of the opening presentation photographs of the audience indicated that many in the HW block of supporters had left. Over 240 SCRA and SLAROS members remained. One SCRA member challenged Harvard Westlake on the school motto which when translated says "They can because they think they can." Perhaps that may provide an explanation why nothing new was learned that evening.

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NBC News Report on Weddington Golf and Tennis Closing


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SCRA Special Community Meeting re: Harvard-Westlake development at Weddington Golf & Tennis

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